Revive & Survive

The Overlord of the foreign race has gathered a team of the most brilliant minds the Earth has to offer with hopes of regenerating the Imperial Commander and his only heir to their race.

You will be given 1 hour to use the equipment provided in order to restore the life-force of the Chosen or you and your world will suffer the same fate as many worlds before… Will you be able to Revive in order to Survive?

Fallout: The Aftermath

The emergency broadcast comes just in time for you and the remaining survivors.

Food supplies have been gone for days now and the air filtration system has shut down completely, leaving you and your group only an hour of oxygen, there’s also another problem – someone has misplaced the key to the safety hatch. Scour the shelter for clues and keys to free the hatch and reunite with the new world on the surface.

Inferno: The Diary of a Pyromaniac

Enigma is on a devastating streak.

You and the rest of your team of forensic investigators have been assigned to gather evidence before the building catches ablaze once more and all hope at finally catching this serial arson is lost again. Fire rescue has done their best to suppress the flames for now, but work fast because the smoldering ash could reignite at any moment. Your team has 60 minutes to find what you can and get out. Can you stand the heat?