Corporate and Team-building Events

Why Escape Room Dilemma?

Escape Room Dilemma offers corporate team-building suitable for any company or enterprise. Escape Rooms require teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and offer a change of pace from the everyday grind.

Groups will work together to solve puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and escape as a team. We promise to provide a challenging and stimulating atmosphere, with little to no physical exercise and it only takes an hour!

Escape Room Dilemma is unique, creative, and most importantly, the most memorable work related event your employees will attend.

How Escape Room Dilemma is sure to benefit your team:

Escape Room Dilemma goes beyond the cubicle with amusing team-building exercises that stimulate imagination, synergy, and efficiency in the workplace. Teams will be encouraged to rely on each other in order to navigate a myriad of puzzles, hidden clues and mind games.

Through Escape Room Dilemma’s team-building program, corporate groups will have the opportunity to maximize cohesion in the workplace by placing co-workers in a high-pressure, team-building environment where groups must rely on one another to complete the task at hand. The result is a well oiled machine-like team, ready for whatever obstacle may come their way.


For corporate events, Escape Room Dilemma can accommodate Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. If other days and times are needed, please contact us. For team-building reservations (minimum of 8 players required), please call (717) 880-7225. Special pricing applies and catering options are available.