Our pricing schedule is as follows:


Please also be aware we are a live event, so once the booking is confirmed, refunds and cancellations are not accepted. Free parking at location. Booking must be done online.

All Rooms are now private – no need to worry about other players anymore!

We have updated our policies to make all rooms private. Don’t play well with others? No problem! We require a minimum fee for maximum fun. 4 players are recommended, but not required.

Will I really be locked in a room?

Due to legal reasons, nobody is ever physically locked in. However, for the sake of the adventure, please try to immerse yourself in the theme and solve the puzzles presented to solve and Escape the Dilemma.


Shafted: A Misguided Adventure

As part of an adventurous group of explorers, it seems someone has misguided your team in the wrong direction.

All of the tunnels look the same and lead to dead ends. Use the next hour wisely, by navigating the abandoned mineshaft to the emergency call elevator. Restore power and evacuate before your team is lost forever.

Revive & Survive

The Overlord of the foreign race has gathered a team of the most brilliant minds the Earth has to offer with hopes of regenerating the Imperial Commander and his only heir to their race.

You will be given 1 hour to use the equipment provided in order to restore the life-force of the Chosen or you and your world will suffer the same fate as many worlds before… Will you be able to Revive in order to Survive?

Sealed With A Bang

While prepping the light and sound show for the annual summertime party it seems you suffered a slight mishap with the fireworks display – Bang! The firework erupts against your workshop door in a brilliant display of light. When the smoke clears, you see that the explosion has welded you and your friends inside.

Does this mean you have to cancel your summer bash? Heck no! Your guests arrive in one hour and there’s no way that one renegade firework will ruin your party.

Find the parts to the plasma cutter and make your own exit.